Winterproofing tips for your Auckland plumbing 

With all your doors, windows and curtains pulled shut and your heatpumps and heaters on their highest settings, your home’s interior is the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew. During the winter, water tends to linger in the air for longer, and with that water warms and gathers on your walls and floors, it’s the start of something sinister: water damage and a fungal fiasco. 

Take a few tips from a professional Auckland plumber in today’s winterproofing blog… 


Water Heater Failure

There’s no better way to end a cold winter day than to enjoy the fruits of both your Auckland gasfitter and Auckland plumber’s labour with a nice warm bath or shower. However, Auckland plumbing emergencies tend to strike at the very worst times. Right when you need a warm shower or bath most, you could find yourself on the phone to an Auckland hot water heating specialist instead of soaking your cares away in the tub. 

To avoid such an awkward Auckland plumbing and gasfitting emergency, simply invest in a yearly checkup of your bathroom’s plumbing and pipework. If you find your hot water runs out too quickly or is severely affected every time someone turns on another tap, don’t hesitate to call the master plumbers at JG Plumbing for a speedy repair.


Don’t dry the laundry indoors 

Nobody enjoys hanging washing on a cold day, and the winter rains don’t exactly give us that many opportunities to head out to the line. Committing to restricting your washing days to ones where your clothes can be hung outdoors will do wonders for your interior, however. Drying your washing on a cold day with your electric dryer will fill your home with clouds of warm, moist air: the perfect conditions for mould and mildew to thrive. Avoid this by only using your dryer when you can crack a few windows, or invest in a few indoor clothing lines.