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Easy Guide to Troubleshooting a Blocked Toilet in NZ

A blocked toilet is perhaps the most common plumbing-related problem in the bathroom. Auckland Plumbers are constantly being called to homes that have toilet water running across their pristine floors. The issue with dealing with a clogged toilet is you are never quite sure what the reason is for it.

In this guide, we are going to give you some insight into what you can do to troubleshoot the problem. If you do have to call in the help of a plumber in Auckland, you will save them time by notifying them as to what you think the source of the issue is.

Precautionary Actions

There is always a danger of overflowing water. There are actions you can take to stop this from happening. Begin by taking off the lid of the toilet tank. Press down on the lever to close it,which should stop any rising water.

As an added precaution, we recommend turning off the water supply entirely. You can usually find the panel for this where you keep your gas and electric metres. Most homes tend to have everything in roughly the same location.

The next precaution you should take is to take the funnel cup plunger and rinse it under hot water for about a minute. The goal is to soften the rubber so you can better mould it over the exit hole of the toilet bowl. You do not want a particularly nasty clog to lead to the water level rising too high.

Plunging into the Problem

Add a slew of hot water from a pot. You can also help loosen the clog by adding some detergent. The detergent acts as a type of lubricant. It lubricates the pipes to provide the blockage with an easier path out of your home and into the sewerage system.

Place a plunger into the toilet bowl and make sure the cup is directly above the exit hole. Press it down and pull it up quickly. The plunger should remain in contact with the toilet at all times;otherwise,you are only going to get a splash of water hitting you in the face.

You will soon start to see little bits and pieces come up into the toilet bowl if it is just a simple blockage.

Using the Auger

So you’ve established the plunger is not getting rid of the problem. Try the auger. It’s a piece of metal used to unblock curved pipes. Place the auger cable in the hole and force it through the hole. If you feel some resistance soon afterwards, this is the clog you need to get rid of. Keep breaking up the clog. If it snags the obstruction, pull it out and this should solve the problem.

What if it Doesn’t Work?

If this does not work, you have a more serious problem, which will require the help of a professional. One of the tell-tale of this is if the water begins to back up into the shower and the sinks. This is a main line obstruction and will require the plumbing system to be taken apart, which is something a home DIYer should not attempt.